'Powers' Show Not Dead Yet, According To FX


Stop us if you've heard this one: the "Powers" television series is not dead yet. Yet another report has come out insisting that the adaptation of Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming's critically acclaimed comic book is still moving forward, but the details, sadly, remain scarce.

Variety reports that FX has yet to pull the plug on "Powers," despite the fact that a pilot has already been shot and rejected by the network's chief John Landgraf. There was talk earlier this year that the "Powers" pilot would be scrapped and reshot from the ground up with a brand new cast, but no movement has been made on that front yet, at least not publicly. The pilot starred Jason Patric, Lucy Punch and Charles S. Dutton, among others.

Landgraf previously said that "Powers" is as "difficult an adaptation as I've ever worked on." That might be true, but fans of the comics know that if FX can pull the adaptation off successfully, the hard work and long wait will be well worth it.

Seeing as FX is slated to make its appearance for the Television Critics Association summer press tour this Saturday (July 28), there's some hope that good news on "Powers" might emerge there. We're crossing our fingers for that good news, sure, but holding our breath? We'll stop short of that step for now.

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