'Y The Last Man' Fan Film Rises Before Official Movie

Of all the awesome graphic novel properties that have been snapped up by Hollywood in recent years, we're really surprised that the long-planned "Y: The Last Man" adaptation has never made its way to the big screen. Sure, back in March we heard the movie had nabbed some new writers, but that's pretty much back to square one for the project.

While we wait for the feature film version of "Y: The Last Man" to slowly trudge its way through the Hollywood production cycle to the big screen, some people have stepped up to make their own short based on the hit graphic novel. Writer/director Christian Cardona's vision of "Y" — called "Y: The Last Man Rising" — made its big debut earlier this month thanks to IGN (via /Film).

Check it out after the break!

Sure, this version isn’t as polished as the final theatrical version likely will be, but it still gives us a great sense of how the story could work as a film. And it will work. In fact, this great short just makes us even more desperate for the feature version to be made.

"Y: The Last Man" was written by Brian K. Vaughn and was first released in 2002. The graphic novel follows life on Earth after every male mammal dies off unexpectedly. Every mammal except a man named Yorick Brown and his pet monkey Ampersand, that is. The 60-issue-long series followed Yorick and the surviving women as society plummets into anarchy and they seek to live on in this changed world.

What did you think of this "Y: The Last Man" fan film? Do you want to see a feature version be made as badly as we do? Tell us in the comments section below or on Twitter!