Agent Coulson Lives Forever As An Action Figure!

Agent Coulson

Nearly three months have passed since Agent Phil Coulson flew off to that great big S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier in the sky (err, not the literal one — you know what I mean!), but "Avengers" fans around the world haven't given up on the hero's eventual return in some way, shape or form.

Well, we still don't have confirmation on Coulson as Vision or any other number of theories, but we do know that Clark Gregg's fan-favorite character will make his Marvel in at least one unpredicted way in the near future — as a Hot Toys action figure!

We only have a tease of the Coulson figure for now; no release date, no plethora of images to gawk at. But we know he comes equipped with that big honking gun he loved so dearly, so that's certainly a plus!

On top of the return of Coulson in plastic form, Hot Toys has also announced that they're developing a Chitauri Footsoldier action figure as well. See a tease of that below.


Prototypes for both Coulson and the Chitauri soldier will be on hand at Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong kicking off this Friday, July 27. Details here.

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