'Booster Gold' Script Getting Delivered To Syfy Next Month, Writer Says

Booster Gold

Even if DC Entertainment doesn't have much planned beyond "Man of Steel" in terms of its film offerings, there's always the small screen to turn to for comfort. The CW has "Arrow" launching in just a few weeks — and having seen the pilot, I can safely say that the show starts great and has lots of potential to get even better.

But Oliver Queen isn't the only DC Comics hero eyeing a career in television. Appropriately, Booster Gold is another DCU champion hoping to make the transition from comics to a TV screen near you, courtesy of Syfy.

Some time has passed since we heard any word on that adaptation, but Andrew Kreisberg (one of the writers and producers behind "Arrow") swears that he's still hard at work on bringing Michael Jon Carter and Skeets out of the future and into our present.

“Yes! I’m actually turning that [script] in next month,” he said in an interview with KSiteTV at Comic-Con this year. “It was very cool; I got to meet Dan Jurgens last night, who created the character and the comic book, who I had never met before. So I spent a lot of time explaining to him what a fan I was, so he didn’t think I was some random gun for hire who was going to ruin his baby.”

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