'Man Of Steel' Teasers: Which Did You Like More?

The Superman we meet in the first two "Man of Steel" teaser trailers is not one we're very familiar with. But the two voices he has guiding him -- those of Kryptonian father Jor-El and adoptive Earth father Jonathan Kent -- are from characters we've come to know and appreciate over decades of "Superman" comic books, TV series and movies.

Jonathan Kent narrates one of the "Man of Steel" trailers, while Jor-El has a voice over in the other. Each gives us a different perspective on what we can expect in Zack Snyder's latest film. The fact that there are two dueling teasers likely means that Superman will be torn between the differing advices that his two fathers have given him, leading to some of the conflict in the movie.

While we'll need to wait until June 14, 2013 to find out which path Clark Kent chooses to follow, for now we want to know your opinion. Watch both teasers after the jump, and vote to let us know which one you prefer!