'Dark Knight Rises' Chant Rooted In Real Language, Hans Zimmer Says

How about a little Hans Zimmer "Dark Knight Rises" score talk to brighten your day? For example, did you know that the chant that you hear throughout the film is rooted in a real language? One that might be Moroccan Arabic or Mongolian based on a quick Google search, but as you will see below from a recent chat MTV News scored (see what I did there!) with Zimmer, he and director Christopher Nolan have the most intriguing brainstorms ever, especially when it came to creating Bane's theme.

"It really came from the script," Zimmer said when asked how he came up with that haunting theme. "I was reading the script and I kept saying to Chris, ‘I think we need to have something primeval, what about a chant?’ and he sent me over two words, 'Deshi Basara' and nobody’s worked out the language yet so that’s our last secret, but it’s a legitimate language and it means ‘Rise up.’"

"I went from there, [the chant] really become foundation for [Bane's theme] and then a little problem was ‘I think it should be hundreds of thousands of people,’ and when you’re in the middle of keeping things private and a little secretive it’s a little difficult to find a hundred thousand of your closest friends who are going to keep their mouths shut. I started out with 11 of my friends and then we went to the Internet."

And the Internet delivered. According to a post on UJAM (the site that facilitated fan contributions to the chant), thousands of fans contributed from 107 different countries.

A great achievement, for sure. Speaking of achievements, we also asked Zimmer which parts of Nolan's trilogy moved him the most musically, even before he scored it.

"For me the crux, the turning point is right at the beginning of the first movie when [Bruce Wayne's] parents get shot," Zimmer said. "He sees that and takes on that guilt in a way. I thought, ‘Oh, I know how to write a story from there.’"

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