Christian Bale Spent 'An Awful Long Time' With The 'Dark Knight Rises' Script

Dark Knight Rises

Being Batman isn't easy. Reading about being Batman is even harder.

Speaking with MTV News at the "Dark Knight Rises" premiere in New York City this week, leading man Christian Bale recalled his first encounter with the script for "Rises," which he read on lockdown at Christopher Nolan's home. It took him "an awful long time" and multiple rereads before he could digest all the information contained in the screenplay, he said.

"I read it a number of times. I read it and reread it and went back again. Chris kept walking in and couldn't believe how slow a reader I was," he remembered. "His family had lunch and dinner, and I'm still there, and they were like, 'We need to go to bed!'"

"It was a good [script]. It was bittersweet, that we were finishing," he added. "But hey, he and his brother [Jonathan Nolan] and David Goyer came up with a really great story, so here we go again. It was going to be a good one."

Much has been made of the potential political commentary made in "Rises," and according to Bale, it's Nolan's ability to connect with the times that makes his Batman films so powerful—not unlike the original Bob Kane comics, from Bale's perspective.

"Chris has always done such a great job of blending in topical moments. Not banging you over the head with it, but if you wish to look a little deeper, you can. I think that was the origin [of Batman], really," said the actor. "When Bob Kane created Batman in 1939, World War II was beginning in Europe. And there was a notion of what can an individual do, and feeling useless. He was quite a dark character back then, and in many ways, it felt like we were returning to that original concept."

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