'Dark Knight Rises' Cast On The Scenes That Stick With Them

By Meg Malone

"The Dark Knight Rises" is getting so close you can almost smell the Gotham streets, or alternatively, what I imagine is the fancy cologne that Bruce Wayne wears. Last night, Christopher Nolan's final Batman installment held its premiere in New York and MTV News caught up with cast members, ranging from series veterans to those just joining this last chapter, to have them weigh in on some of their favorite moments from throughout the trilogy.

Though Christian Bale has made the deep, gravelly voice of Batman memorable in and of itself (I love it), Bale said a favorite moment came from a scene of him portraying Mr. Wayne all the way back in "Batman Begins".

"There's a scene when Michael Caine's character, Alfred, and myself as Bruce are sitting on the plane and we first talk about the symbol of Batman and who he is and why," Bale said. "That really sets up what is going to happen for the next three movies."

"Batman Begins" also proved to be the movie that held a memorable moment for Gary Oldman, who shared about his character's early experience with the Batman we would continue to get to know throughout the films.

"It's the first scene that I played in 'Batman Begins,' and that was [when] I got out of a police car on the dock and there was a bevy of criminals; they were bound and gagged," Oldman said. "Someone had taken care of them. I was not aware at that point in the story that there was a Batman."

Ah, and yet now we are all very aware of Batman's capabilities, and also aware of the 60 hours between us and the premiere. Other memorable moments the cast shared with MTV News? Similarly to Bale, Anne Hathaway commented on another Alfred-Bruce moment from the first installment, while Nestor Carbonell reflected on Heath Ledger's performance as The Joker.

What would I have chosen there on the spot as a favorite moment? Well there's frankly too many to really narrow it down, but probably one of the times during "The Dark Knight" when I had to pick my jaw off the floor. That seems like a good gauge of memorable filmmaking.

What's your favorite moment (so far) from Christopher Nolan's take on Batman? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter!