Michonne Brings 'Intimate' Killing To 'Walking Dead'

Walking Dead

Knives, axes, crossbows, guns. These are the wonderful toys with which our "Walking Dead" heroes kill their undead oppressors. But season three of the AMC survival horror series introduces a new zombie-killing utensil: the katana, wielded by the mysterious warrior woman Michonne.

Danai Gurira makes her debut as the sword-wielding walker-slayer in season three, but she got an early taste of "Walking Dead" fandom at Comic-Con this year. MTV News spoke with Gurira and other cast members about Michonne and what she brings to the "Walking Dead" universe, other than a few feet of badass steel.

"I've always gravitated towards dire stories," she said. "So this is kind of thrilling to be a part of, because I really haven't seen any story told this viscerally and palpably as 'The Walking Dead.' To be able to step into it, it's thrilling."

Gurira has some sword training as an actress already, but not with a katana. The Japanese weapon is "a whole other thing" than what she's used to, she said.

"It was really kind of amazing to step in trying to learn it," she said. "And it's an ongoing process, but it's really kind of how [Michonne] interprets that weapon, and that's kind of been really, really enjoyable to do. And intense and challenging physically, but in the best ways."

She's not the only one having fun with the katana, either. Greg Nicotero, the man responsible for creating the show's memorable members of the undead, is having a ball figuring out how Michonne's sword can be applied to zombie-killing.

"The thing you have to understand about where the show is now is that they have to save their ammunition. So there's a lot more intimate, hand-to-hand combat then there was in [season two]," he said. "I think having the ability to have Michonne be able to dispatch multiple walkers in a couple moves is exciting."

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