'Iron Man 3' Features 'Suit Envy' Between Stark And Rhodes, Don Cheadle Says

When we last saw Don Cheadle's Jim "Rhodey" Rhodes in "Iron Man 2," he had just snagged his own superhero suit, War Machine, to team up with Tony Stark's Iron Man. We've already seen that his suit gets some seriously cool upgrades for "Iron Man 3," so what will that mean for the relationship between the two longtime friends?

MTV Splash Page editor Josh Wigler caught up with Don Cheadle while he was promoting "Iron Man 3" at Comic-Con and he teased that Stark wasn't going to be too happy with how cool War Machine is looking nowadays.

"There's suit envy, which is fun. 'Who's really the big dog?' We just get to play with that more," Cheadle teased. "Robert and I always have a lot of fun when we're acting together."

Though both of their characters have similar iron suits, they do both have different end games. Rhodey is working for the U.S. Government, while Stark is an extension of S.H.I.E.L.D. and The Avengers.

"What's a lot of fun in this one is that the character gets a little bit more opened up. There's a little bit more to do with Robert, and that relationship gets a little deepened," Cheadle said. "They've kind of had to come to some sort of agreement. At the end of 'Iron Man 2,' [Rhodey] says, 'I need a suit.' And he just takes it. So you've got now a private sector Iron Man and a military Iron Man."

Cheadle has received most of his acclaim from his smaller films like "Hotel Rwanda," but is no stranger to commercial successes. He had a role in all three of Steven Soderbergh's "Ocean's 11" films and joined the Marvel movie universe in 2010 with "Iron Man 2." It turns out the Marvel films are some of his favorites.

"It's fun to get to do these big franchises and do these movies like this that are very unique in their own way," Cheadle said. "It's a lot of moving parts, a lot to sort of get your head around. It's a big challenge actually to try to keep the reality while you're doing these movies with such huge set pieces. But it's a lot of fun. The company makes it a lot easier."

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