Edgar Wright's 'Ant-Man': Who Should Play Hank Pym?


by Ryan Downey

Sneaky Edgar Wright kept tweeting about how rainy it was in London during Comic-Con. Surprise! The English filmmaker was camping out in San Diego all along. The mastermind behind genre love letters "Shaun of the Dead" and "Hot Fuzz" surprised the press and fans with his appearance at Marvel's Hall H panel, where he unleashed some badass "Ant-Man" test footage. Wright joked that he's taken the "Terrence Malick approach" to the long gestating project.

Wright has proven adept as faithfully adapting comic book properties, of course (remember a little something called "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World") and his fast-moving, action-packed teaser was a visual representation of what he told the audience about his plans. Namely, that Ant Man will kick butt "an inch at a time." One poor bad guy lost a tooth as Ant-Man shrunk / grew / shrunk over and over while making his way out of some sort of (SHIELD?) lockdown.

Of course, we never saw the face beneath the mask at Comic-Con, because Henry "Hank" Pym hasn't been cast! Ant-Man is an Avenger of course, so he'll have to inhabit the same universe as a certain blockbuster. At the same time, Wright's comedic chops are topnotch. Whoever ends up donning the red and black, we certainly hope we'll get to see him tinkering around with a certain killer robot whose name begins with a "U" and hopefully making out with the Wasp.

Here's a list of actors we think have the dramatic ability, comedic chops and physicality to play one of our favorite Stan Lee created scientists turned heroes.

Nathan Fillion

It wouldn't be a comic book movie without Nathan Fillion's name being in the hat. And with Joss Whedon now firmly ensconced in the Marvel Movie Universe, the "Firefly" / "Buffy" / "Dr. Horrible" alum should be able to slide right into some sort of Avenger-type role if he wanted to, right? He's heroic, he's rugged, but he's also got a quiet intelligence boiling under the surface. He could be excellent as Ant Man and fans keep trying to draft him. "Maybe it's because of my diminutive size?" Fillion once joked to MTV.

John Krasinski

Let's not forget that "The Office" actor was once reportedly in consideration to lead The Avengers as Steve Rogers, aka Captain America. He's athletic, he's got a classic jawline and he can play serious (how about that proposal to Pam? C'mon!) with as much effectiveness as comedic when given a chance. Remember that scene where he consoles a heartbroken Dwight in the stairwell? Couldn't you just see him giving tender advice to, say, The Hulk?

Joel McHale

Maybe guys like Joel McHale and John Krasinski seem too tall to be Ant-Man, but hey, GIANT Man! Pym isn't limited to one size and nor should the actor who plays him be limited in terms of height. He'll be playing a sleazy conman on "Sons of Anarchy" next season and of course he's got a ton of geek cred courtesy of "Community." He has a model's good looks and a rogue's charm. He can pull of the Pym intelligence, as well. And wouldn't grouchy McHale be awesome?

Adam Scott

He may not have the push-up enhanced muscles of McHale or Krasinski, but he could definitely capture the somewhat darker / morose side of Pym while obviously putting his "Party Down" and "Parks and Recreation" chops to work with what are sure to be some strong comedic elements in "Ant-Man."

Simon Pegg

Naturally Edgar Wright's pal and frequent collaborator Simon Pegg's name should come up in any conversation about this movie. Even if he doesn't end up playing Ant Man, it'd be super killer if he turned up as some sort of supporting character. And ditto Nick Frost, for that matter. Why shouldn't they?

Who would you cast as Ant-Man? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter!