Comic-Con: 'Arrow' Stars Get 'Lost' On The Island

There's plenty we know about Oliver Queen's character in the CW's upcoming "Arrow," but the one aspect of his storyline we're most intrigued by is his five years spent on the island. We've already met our China White, but when MTV News sat down with stars Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy at Comic-Con, we asked just how the island storyline would work in the context of the rest of the plot.

"If we set our show in the real world, if we ground it in reality, then he doesn't just magically get archery skills and jujitsu skills and parkour skills and a sense of hearing and just a keen awareness. That is learned, and I would wager to bet painfully earned along the way," Amell said. "So it's really fun because I get to play all those different characters along the way. I think that the Arrow character is actually him. Technically I have a costume on, but that seems to be the real me."

Fans won't have to wait to see the island, as Amell promised "we go back there immediately." And though there is "a little mythology on the island" as he says, Cassidy promised that there's a nice balance between that and the present day.

"They really brought it together in a very nice real way because I think it's a tough thing to do," she said.

Amell elaborated by saying that "Arrow" won't be "married to the island" the same way a show like, say, "Lost" was. And speaking of "Lost," "Arrow" goes as far as to have a reference to ABC's hit mystery series in its pilot episode.

"Our executive producers have said we're not married to the island. We don't have to be there every episode. I don't need to learn something on the island that I apply to the present day, which was certainly the structure of the first couple of seasons of 'Lost,'" he said. "I'm sure at a certain point we'll veer that way, but it could be more episodically structured as well."

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