'Man Of Steel' Comic-Con Poster: The Legend Begins

Man of Steel

We might not have been in the panel to see the "Man of Steel" teaser that impressed many Comic-Con attendees, but we at least have its official teaser poster.

The "Man of Steel" Facebook page dropped the poster, which shows us a Superman cast in shadow. Is that indicative of the movie as a whole? Maybe, especially based on the Twitter reactions of people who saw the footage.

Apparently Christopher Nolan's influence is much more evident in the movie than just Hans Zimmer's inclusion as composer.

"MAN OF STEEL footage - the tone is more Nolan than Snyder. Looks cool - but all went by so fast," NextMovie's Jordan Hoffman Twitter.

First Showing's Alex Billington added, "Superman footage gave me chills... wow... subtle, beautiful, looks like the Batman Begins of Superman. Whoa. I am IN!"

Eric Vespe at Ain't It Cool News and Devin Faraci from Badass Digest both seemed to appreciate the tone of the footage more than they expected. "Superman footage goes for sombre and legend building over spectacle," Vespe tweeted, while Faraci said, "MAN OF STEEL footage: tone is interesting. More regal and epic than expected. Cavill looks good in the suit."

Fortunately the teaser trailer for "Man of Steel" is premiering before "The Dark Knight Rises" next week, so we'll all get to see what they're talking about starting next Friday.

Are you as excited about "Man of Steel" as we are? Tell us in the comments section below or on Twitter!

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