'Firefly' At Comic-Con: Joss Whedon Thanks The Browncoat Nation

by Tami Katzoff (@tvtamijo)

Friday the 13th might as well have been called "Firefly" Day at Comic-Con. First came the buzziest event of the Con, the 10th anniversary reunion panel. Then the entire group, including cast members plus Joss Whedon and writer/producer Tim Minear, reunited again to discuss the show further at a Science Channel press conference (the channel, which currently airs the series, will premiere an hour-long special called “Browncoats Unite” on November 11th).

Whedon attributed the enduring love for his 14-episode series partly to the fact that it died so young. “There’s a little bit of the Camelot thing, of it was there then it’s gone, and that makes it precious to people,” he said. “But also, I’m sorry – have you seen it? I mean, the directors we worked with, the prop masters… you just couldn’t miss. Sometimes these things come together, and they’re extraordinary.”

Even after ten years, people who worked on “Firefly” still have residual animosity towards Fox, the network that cancelled the show after only 11 episodes aired. Tim Minear doesn’t believe the show would fare any better today with the help of social media. “No matter how many times you tweet about it, on some level the network has to be behind it,” Minear said. “So unless you have that, you can tweet in vain.”

Minear, who currently works on “American Horror Story,” puts the blame for the demise of “Firefly” squarely on the shoulders of Fox. “The thing that we made was right,” he said. “We were right about it, it was good, the network was wrong.”

When the actors were asked if they felt that their “Firefly”/”Serenity” characters had any unfinished business, Nathan Fillion said he’s content with the way the story ended. “It all worked out really well for me,” he said. “Sitting where we are right now, ten years later, it’s hard for me to say ‘I want more.’ It’s hard to say that it’s unfinished.”

Showing more of the emotion that was expressed during the panel earlier in the day, Nathan credited Whedon and “Firefly” for changing his career, and his life. “You know what, I got a lot out of that show,” Fillion said. “I got an amazing group of friends, I got to do the best work I think I’ve ever done, and I got a movie… I’m gonna do it again, I’m gonna cry.”

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