'Walking Dead Escape' Covers You In All The Blood

Walking Dead Escape

Of all the spectacularly bizarre experiences I've had at Comic-Con this year, nothing was more surreal than surviving the zombie apocalypse. (Except for my Joss Whedon bathroom encounter. That was pretty surreal.)

We've been reporting on "The Walking Dead Escape" — the bloody obstacle course that took over Petco Park this year — for many weeks now. I was lucky enough … scratch that, I was foolish enough to run the course myself, where I encountered countless members of the undead, brushed up against death at every turn, and stained my hands, pants, shoes and more in the blood of a thousand men.

Okay, that's all a bit dramatic. There were no real zombies, no real deaths, and no real blood. Though I did stain my hands, pants, shoes and more in blood-like fluids, which certainly added some weight to all the horror. "Escape" isn't necessarily filled with scares at every turn, but it is filled with horrific sights, the stuff that nightmares are made of. I've always felt that "Walking Dead" itself isn't about the scares so much as it is about the stomach-churning hopeless terror, and in that regard, "Escape" is a very visceral, very faithful adaptation.

I filmed my experience on "Escape," but sadly, like so many people in the apocalypse, my footage did not survive the journey. In lieu of that, please watch this incredible first-person perspective of the course from my very good friend, Comic Book Resources editor Steve Sunu, in the video below.

And as a bonus for you "Walking Dead" fans, here's a look at my interview with Danai Gurira, who plays Michonne on the new season!

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