Comic-Con: Ten Things We Learned At The Joss Whedon Panel

Joss Whedon

By Tyler Christian

Joss Whedon has been a cultural icon for numerous years, and his recent success with "The Avengers" and "The Cabin in the Woods" has put him higher on the A-list of filmmakers working today in Hollywood. In addition to his hugely popular reunion with the cast of his cult series "Firefly," Whedon took the stage for a second time at Ballroom 20 for his annual Q&A panel with his massive base of fanboys and girls alike. As an evolving Whedon fan myself, here are 10 things I learned at his panel.

1. In his classic form of sarcastic humor, Whedon kicked off the Q&A by asking himself "What's it like to work with Fox?" Of course any die-hard Whedon fan would understand that joke.

2. He announced that there will be a third run for the "Serenity" comic book series.

3. Whedon also announced that post-production hastened on "Much Ado About Nothing," and also says he composed the score too, which is a first solo project for him.

4. Amidst the rumors floating around for the continuation of "Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog," Whedon confirmed that a sequel is in early development.

5. He wil also be continuing his consultation for the "Buffy" comic book series, but hints that there's always a chance he'll return to write an issue or two.

6. Asked if he'd ever make a project on a zombie apocalypse, and what he'd do to put a spin to the genre, he said he'd focus more on the idea of "we think we know where they came from," but still of course include the zombie killing galore that the fans crave for.

7. Asked if he'd return to television, Whedon said he still always considers making another comeback to the field, and also personally states that "some of today's greatest stories come from television."

8. As for tips to struggling artists out there today, Whedon advised that you should "always just make things yourself, and share it every way you can for the feedback."

9. Says his most proud accomplishment is " either something I haven't written yet, or the 'truths of humanity' he explored in his run with the 'Astonishing X-Men" series.

10. Finished off the panel by announcing that he's secured a deal with The CW channel to air ' Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog' on television for the first time.

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