Comic-Con: 'Walking Dead' Returns On October 14


"The Walking Dead" panel has just wound to a close at San Diego Comic-Con, and it's brought some of the best news we could have hoped from the show: an official return date.

During the panel, showrunner Glen Mazzara announced that "The Walking Dead" will be back on October 14. That's just in time for Halloween, also known as a zombie's favorite holiday. Let's start taking bets now on how many people dress up as Michonne or The Governor this year.

Season three will focus on the introduction of zombie-killing, samurai sword-swinging Michonne as well as the Governor and his prison compound. We've already gotten great teases of the prison set and Michonne, but we're sure this season still has many surprises up its sleeve. To say the least, there will be plenty more killing.

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