Mads Mikkelsen Bows Out Of 'Thor 2'

Mads Mikkelsen

David Slade isn't the only "Hannibal" creative to leave a high profile Marvel property this week. The titular cannibal himself, played by Mads Mikkelsen, will no longer be a part of "Thor 2."

The Playlist picked up an interview with Zoomin Movies in which Mikkelsen confirmed he won't be appearing in director Alan Taylor's forthcoming "Thor" sequel despite previous reports of his involvement.

"Yeah, that's not happening unfortunately," he said. "I had a meeting with them, but they were a little too late. And then 'Hannibal' came in, and everything just came in the same period, so now it's not happening."

It was unclear who Mikkelsen would be playing in the first place, so suggesting a replacement for the actor doesn't seem particularly useful just yet. Still, sorry to see such a menacing figure part ways with one of our most anticipated movies of 2013.

Mikkelsen's "Thor 2" exit follows right on the heels of Slade leaving "Daredevil." The "30 Days of Night" filmmaker will direct Mikkelsen in the pilot episode of NBC's "Hannibal" instead.

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