'Daredevil' Loses David Slade While 'Fantastic Four' Officially Gains Josh Trank


Who will play the Man Without Fear? That's a good question. An even better question is who will direct the Man Without Fear?

David Slade has dropped out as director of "Daredevil," Deadline reports. The "30 Days of Night" filmmaker had long been attached to Fox's reboot of the Marvel Comics franchise, but has since parted ways with the project.

It's bad timing for the studio, too, as the movie needs to begin production by fall, or else the "Daredevil" rights will revert back to Marvel Studios and Disney. (There might be a few fans who aren't complaining about that potential outcome.)

In sunnier news for Fox, Deadline reports that "Chronicle" director Josh Trank has committed to helming the studio's "Fantastic Four" reboot. No release date is set, though the report suggests that it'll hit theaters after "The Wolverine" and Matthew Vaughn's "X-Men: First Class" sequel.

Trank has a lot on his plate at the moment, of course. He's attached to adaptations of "Venom," "Shadows of the Colossus" and "The Red Star," which doesn't even mention his possible involvement in a "Chronicle" sequel. But the Deadline report states that "Fox expects 'Fantastic Four' to be the next film he directs," so there's that.

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