'Darkness' Movie Moving Forward With 'Underworld' Producer Len Wiseman

The Darkness

It's been a very long time since we heard any concrete news on a "Darkness" movie. It was reported last July that Todd Lieberman and David Hoberman would be producing a big-screen adaptation of Top Cow's flagship antihero alongside the publisher's own Matt Hawkins and Marc Silvestri, as well as David Manpearl. Little to no news since then, sadly, though we did put forth our own Jackie Estacado casting suggestions not too long ago.

Today, Collider has the word on some significant progress. They're reporting that Regency is nearing a deal to obtain the feature film rights to "The Darkness," with all of those aforementioned names still on board — and with the notable addition of "Total Recall" director and "Underworld" mastermind Len Wiseman as producer to boot!

"The Darkness," for those who don't know, tells the story of Jackie Estacado, a ruthless mafia hitman. He comes into contact with a mythological power called The Darkness, a force that allows its wielder to create and control virtually anything he pleases, sentient minions included — but these creations will crumble in the light.

There are downsides to hosting the Darkness. The big one is that it's passed down from father to son like a virus, taking the life of the father as soon as his first child is conceived. In other words, you know that rule in scary movies where you're not supposed to have sex with anyone if you want to survive? That's pretty much Jackie's life in a nutshell.

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