New 'Dark Knight' Jim Gordon Action Figure Announced


Batman does everything he can to keep the streets of Gotham City safe. But he can't do it all alone. He's got help from trusty butler Alfred Pennyworth and Wayne Industries CEO Lucius Fox, though these men tend to play behind-the-scenes roles, rarely encountering Gotham's most wicked scumbags face-to-face.

Here's one guy that does hit the streets with the Caped Crusader from time to time: Commissioner Jim Gordon. And to honor the man's work ridding Gotham of crime, Hot Toys have announced a brand new Gordon action figure, complete with the S.W.A.T. uniform he wore against Joker in "The Dark Knight."

Photos below!

Woohoo! We got 'em, Harvey!

In addition to Gordon, Hot Toys also has a brand new Bane figure coming very soon. Check out the teaser image below.

More details are over at Hot Toys' Facebook page.

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