Anne Hathaway Has Zero Complaints About 'Dark Knight Rises' Costume

Breath-defying latex and otherwise goofy-looking attires are par for the course when it comes to Batman movies. You know what doesn't come with the territory? Complaining. That's the story that "Dark Knight Rises" star Anne Hathaway tells, at least.

The newly minted Selina Kyle joins the fun for Christopher Nolan's third and final installment of the Dark Knight trilogy come July 20, covered virtually head to toe in Catwoman's iconic leather suit. Though the costume received its fair share of jabs when it first bowed online, Hathaway herself has zero complaints. How could she? She's in a Batman movie!

"The best [part of the costume]? I'm in 'Batman,'" she told MTV News during the recent "Dark Knight" press junket. "That was the best. The worst, it doesn't matter — I'm in 'Batman.'"

"This is not the sort of job where you nitpick or find things to complain about," she added. "I was as happy as I've been on anything on this one. It was, 'Count your lucky stars,' every single day."

Having spent a good amount of time in Gotham City now, Hathaway knows a thing or two about how to survive an encounter with Batman. When asked for advice on how to handle a role as iconic as Catwoman, Hathaway stressed that it's all about who you can trust.

"Work with people you trust and they'll take care of you. Don't try to please anyone with it," she said. "Because I think if I had been forced to fit a certain ideal, I wouldn't have been able to do it. But everyone's attitude was, 'Become the character physically,' and then that's the way the suit is meant to look."

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