'Dark Knight Rises' IMAX Poster: Batman Lightens Up

Dark Knight

If there's only one movie you absolutely must see in IMAX this summer, it's "The Dark Knight Rises." Christopher Nolan shot a very healthy portion of his third and final Batman movie specifically with the IMAX moviegoing experience in mind. If you'll remember the IMAX scenes in "Dark Knight," you'll surely agree that these are moments that cannot be missed.

A new IMAX exclusive "Dark Knight Rises" poster has gone online to remind you precisely that. Featuring Christian Bale fully armed in cape and cowl, the poster puts the iconic Batman logo front and center, bursting through the sky and shining some much needed light down upon the fiery depths of Gotham City and its much needed hero.

See the poster beyond the break!

"The Dark Knight Rises," starring Tom Hardy and Anne Hathaway, hits theaters in two weeks on July 20, 2012.

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