Rhys Ifans Teases Mystery 'Spider-Man' Villain's Identity


If you've stayed through the "Amazing Spider-Man" end credits, you likely have had one question nagging you ever since — namely, "What the heck just happened?"

Those of you who've seen "Spider-Man" know what we'er talking about. Join us after the jump and we'll get into the spoiler-heavy discussion.

So, who was that mysterious man in the shadows? Rhys Ifans might not be ready to give that answer away in its entirety, but he will say who he's not. Ain't It Cool News recently caught up with the man better known as the Lizard and asked him point blank about that mid-credits scene. The answer might surprise you.

"A representative from OsCorp appears miraculously in the room. How he gets in there and how he leaves, we don’t know. Maybe we will find out. But it’s not Norman Osborn," Ifans clarified. "It is someone who is in the employ of Norman Osborn without question."

The real kicker comes when AICN asks if it's someone that viewers are familiar with, but don't know is really employed by Norman Osborn. Ifans confirmed that this is the case, meaning that this mystery man could be much more important than we first realized. So who could it be? Just someone we've met in the lab in the past, or some larger Spider-Man villain who has yet to come to the height of his power? We'll have to wait and see, but that would be an interesting direction to take the next two movies in.

When MTV News caught up with director Marc Webb, we also couldn't resist asking him about the post-credits scene and mysterious visitor. His answer helps flesh out what Ifans was able to tell AICN.

"We wanted to convey that there were more forces at work than you may have initially thought," he said. "That's all I can say about that. But I invite speculation. I think it's very fun and interesting to listen to."

Who do you think the mysterious Oscorp employee is? Do you think he could be a bigger villain than he seems at first? Tell us in the comments section below or on Twitter!