Marvel Pushes 2014 Mystery Movie From May To August


Marvel has two movies hitting in 2014. One of them is "Captain America 2," the third film starring Chris Evans as the star-spangled super-soldier. The other one is… well, that depends on who you believe. There are conflicting reports that Marvel's 2014 Mystery Movie is either "Black Panther" or "Guardians of the Galaxy," and the studio has yet to confirm either one of these as their post-Cap project.

The Marvel movie's identity remains unrevealed, but here's one thing we do know: it won't bow in May anymore. Previously scheduled for a May 16, 2014 release date, Marvel's post-Cap movie now sports a release date of August 1, 2014, as noted by Box Office Mojo.

That's almost three full months later than what Marvel was aiming for. It also marks the first time since "Iron Man 2" that Marvel won't release a film in May. Not to worry; they're starting earlier that year, pushing out the "Captain America" sequel into theaters on April 4, 2014.

Still, one wonders what caused the release shift. Are the folks at Marvel as confused as we are? Do they not know which movie they're going for yet — "Black Panther," "Guardians," or something else entirely? Whatever the reasons, I'm confident that there's a method to their madness. You can't argue with a $1.4 billion box office behemoth, right?

Props to the Comic Book Movie gang for pointing this out.

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