Five Things You Didn't Know About The Lizard

by Ryan Rigley

Dr. Curt Connors is a man of many talents, first and foremost being his ability to turn into a huge, super-reptile with the help of an experimental serum developed from reptile DNA.

Fanboys have been eagerly awaiting the onscreen appearance of the Lizard ever since Connors first popped up in Sam Raimi's "Spider-Man" series as played by the affable Dylan Baker. However, there are most likely some of you who had never heard of the Lizard until "Amazing Spider-Man," out in theaters today (July 3). Don't be ashamed, though: you are not alone. While he may not be as popular of a villain as Venom or the Green Goblin, the Lizard has proven time and again that he is quite the formidable enemy for Spider-Man. No matter how hard Dr. Connors tries to conceal him, the Lizard will always break free.

Here's a list of five facts that you probably didn't already know about the Lizard.

» 1. Disarmed and Ready

Born and raised in Coral Gables, Florida, Curt Connors was a brilliant young man who would eventually become a gifted surgeon. But that all changed when he was drafted into the Vietnam War. As a U.S. Army surgeon, Connors would perform emergency battlefield surgery on wounded G.I.'s until one fateful day when his right arm was severely injured in an explosion and had to be amputated.

» 2. Personality Disorder

After abusing a serum derived from reptile DNA on multiple occasions, Dr. Connors began to hear a strange voice in his head. Much like Bruce Banner and the Hulk, the Lizard developed his own personality despite the fact that he was still a part of Connors. Now the Lizard had his own agenda: to eliminate the entire human race and replace them with super-reptiles not unlike himself.

» 3. Family Troubles

Despite all of the chaos that Dr. Connors had single-handedly caused, his family welcomed him back with open arms on several occasions. Unfortunately for him, both his wife (Martha) and his son (Billy) were diagnosed with cancer as a result of being exposed to various carcinogens from the factory next door. Soon, Martha passed away leaving Curt alone with his Lizard thoughts and Billy with an intense hatred for his father.

» 4. Lizard Jr.

At one point the Lizard went so far as to inject Billy Connors with the Lizard formula against his will, turning the boy into a pint-sized version of himself. Together, the Lizard and the appropriately named Lizard Jr. nearly killed Spider-Man before ol' webhead was miraculously able to capture the both of them. Of course, the Lizard somehow managed to escape into the sewers before joining the newest incarnation of the Sinister Six.

» 5. The Lizard Brain

In recent comics history, the Lizard has become more powerful than ever before. After killing his own son, Dr. Connors finally lost what little sanity he had left allowing for the Lizard to completely take over. Now, the Lizard speaks as well as communicate with and command all reptiles in the immediate vicinity via limited telepathy. He also has the power to bring out the primitive reptilian nature, or "lizard brain," in any and all creatures that he encounters.

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