Marc Webb Has 'Hope' For J. Jonah Jameson In 'Spider-Man' Sequel

Although we've already expressed a few thoughts about why "The Amazing Spider-Man" is a must-see movie and how Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker trumps that of Tobey Maguire's, there is one element of Sam Raimi's originals that is sorely missed: J.K. Simmons as the memorable, easily irritated Daily Bugle EIC, J. Jonah Jameson.

When MTV News caught up with "Amazing" director Marc Webb recently we asked him why they chose to exclude the character from this movie and whether we can hope to see him again in future installments.

"J. Jonah Jameson was rendered so perfectly in the previous movie it was hard to bring that to bear," Webb said. "And of course I wanted to explore Captain Stacey, played by Dennis Leary, who is fantastic, and he plays the authority figure he’s always made fun of. The Daily Bugle is a very important part of the cannon and I’m sure that will be explored in the future, if there is a future."

When asked if Webb and the film's writers ever planned on including Jameson, as was once rumored, Webb revealed that they just couldn't find room for that story and furthermore didn't want to reinvent Simmons' fan loved character.

"No, there was so much story to tell," Webb said. "And we couldn’t really, we couldn’t really [include the character], that was something we couldn’t reinvent."

So what is Webb's hope for how to incorporate him in the future?

"We’ll see, I haven’t figured that out yet," he admitted.

But there is hope alive, right?

"Keep hope alive," Webb said with a smile.

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