'Walking Dead' Game Trailer Teases Dangerous Future

"The Walking Dead" video game from Telltale released its second episode, "Starved For Help," earlier this week on Xbox 360. Today, it's available for PC, Mac and PS3. If you've already played episode one and haven't purchased episode two yet — well, what's wrong with you? Get on that!

A new trailer for "Starved For Help" has popped up online, offering a clear reminder of why the zombie apocalypse is such a dangerous world to live in — dangerous, but fun. Get a look at the brutal trailer past the break!

Warning: the video below is NSFW. Proceed with caution.

Thanks to MTV Multiplayer for the trailer. Head over there to see another "Walking Dead" video that catches you up on the game's story so far.

Tell us what you think of the "Walking Dead" game in the comments below or on Twitter!

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