Rhys Ifans' 'Spider-Man' Villain Is 'Kingly And Godlike'

The Lizard may be the villain in "The Amazing Spider-Man," but he's not all bad. In fact, according to actor Rhys Ifans, all of his intentions come from a place of good. But as is the case with most tragic villains, the Lizard (formerly Dr. Curt Connors) became corrupted somewhere along the way.

MTV News recently had the chance to catch up with Ifans while he was promoting "The Amazing Spider-Man" and discussed Connors' onscreen transformation. Though we need to wait until next Tuesday to see the movie, Ifans' spoiler-free take on the character sheds some interesting insights into what we have in store.

"My reading of it is that Connors wants to be a force of good in the world, and is developing a science that will enable himself -- like reptiles do -- to regrow a limb," Ifans explained. "And, on paper or in a computer model, this science is ready to go. It works. What he doesn't reckon on is the kind of psychological effects that a coldblooded reptile would have on the human mind."

That science might have (debatably) positive effects on Ifans, but it also has very negative effects on New York City. In fact, Connors' belief that everyone should transform the same way he did is a cause of much of the conflict in the movie.

"What he experiences is almost something spiritual. There's a hubris to him when he becomes the Lizard," Ifans said. "He's all powerful. He's strong. He's beautiful. He's confident. He's athletic. He's lithe, ruthless, all the things that Curt Connors isn't. And when you feel that high, I guess in some ways what a crystal meth addict feels, that all powerful thing. You want the world to feel like you, but it isn't necessarily beneficial to humanity at large. It's an ultimate selfish act. It's kingly and godlike in the wrong way."

"The Amazing Spider-Man" is due in theaters on July 3.

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