'Spider-Man' Swings Into The Natural History Museum


by Uptin Saiidi (@uptin)

Spidey's put NYC in his web in preparation for "The Amazing Spider-Man" release on July 3, officially declaring this week Spider-Man Week. Appearing on billboards and bus stops and even the Empire State Building, the city’s feeling the web-head's presence. Heck, even Mayor Bloomberg came on TV this past Monday, declaring this New York City's Spider-Man Week.

Today, topping all of the events to date, Spider-Man himself descended from the rooftop of the American Museum of Natural History — and MTV News was there to catch it all.

I traveled to the museum alongside MTV Splash Page editor Josh Wigler, fully intending to go the Upper West Side, but nearly ending up in Queens instead. Hold the jeers, we're embarrassed enough as is! And despite the humiliating mistake from two NYC residents, we take pride knowing that we almost made it to Peter Parker's borough of choice completely by accident. (Yes, that's us trying to justify our lack of geographical awareness.)

Once we finally arrived at the Natural History museum, we watched in awe as Spider-Man, with the help of a harness, swung off the top of the roof and slowly made his way down to the ground. He gave a quick wave, before going behind a stage backdrop. A minute later, Andrew Garfield appeared alongside director Marc Webb and one of the museum's scientists, Norman Platnick. They were all on hand to give a live Chilean rose tarantula to the curator of the upcoming exhibition, Spiders Alive!

The exhibit opens up July 28th. Spiders have always inspired myth-makers, but the exhibit hopes to teach people of their actual role in diverse ecosystems around the globe, and also will include large models of spiders, a climbable spider model, fossils and more. Perfect timing to pique people's curiosity, considering that one of the summer's most anticipated flicks has a little something to do with arachnids...

Check out Spider-Man's museum stunt in the video below!

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