James Marsden Aims '2 Guns' At Mark Wahlberg

His days as Cyclops are probably at an end — which is complete and utter bull-crap, by the way — but James Marsden's time in the comic book movie space isn't over.

Marsden is set to join the increasingly star-studded cast of "2 Guns," the Boom Studios comic book adaptation, Variety reports. The erstwhile Scott Summers will saddle up alongside an incredible ensemble that includes Mark Wahlberg, Denzel Washington, Bill Paxton, Paula Patton and Edward James Olmos.

"2 Guns," directed by "Contraband" helmer Baltasar Kormakur, focuses on a Navy SEAL and a DEA Agent — played by Wahlberg and Washington respectively — who both work together undercover, not knowing about the other's government affiliation. The two are tasked with stealing millions of bucks from the CIA, and discover that they've both been double-crossed into doing the deed, forcing them to team together to clear their respective names.

Marsden's role is a largely undefined one at the moment. All we know is that he'll play "a naval commander" in the movie, which should theoretically pit him opposite Wahlberg for a significant amount of his screen time. Anyone who worships at the altar of James Marsden will immediately recognize this as the best news ever. (Yes, I'm looking at you, MTV News pop writer extraordinaire Jocelyn Vena. You know you're pumped.)

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