Will Smith Is 'Up For' Another 'Hancock,' Director Peter Berg Says

"Men in Black 3" scored a worldwide tally of $578 million and counting after opening earlier this summer. If the result tells us one thing loudly and clearly, it's this: Will Smith is back, after a way-too-long four-year hiatus from starring in movies.

Smith already has his first post-"MIB" picture lined up in the form of M. Night Shyamalan's "After Earth." But there's another one of his many franchises that fans are dying to see him return to as a "Black" follow-up: "Hancock." The alcoholic god remains one of Smith's most memorable turns in the past decade, and several parties involved — Smith included — have expressed optimism about seeing him return to the role.

In the latest "Hancock 2" update, would-be director Peter Berg told MTV News: "Will Smith is up for any challenge, and he's definitely up for discussing it."

"Whether or not that all comes out and equals us actually doing it is never known, but it's something that we've talked about," he added.

Not the most committal words, we'll admit. But Berg said that everyone involved with the "Hancock" property is very much interested in getting a sequel up off the ground.

"It's something that we've started talking about," he said. "We kicked some ideas around. I think we all would like to do it, it's just a question of getting everybody free at the same time."

"I think it's not just Will, but the producers and the studio," he continued. "We all loved doing 'Hancock.' If the stars align in the right direction, I think it's something that could happen."

Do you want to see another "Hancock" movie, or are you done with the story? Drink up and fly (but not really) in the comments section below or on Twitter!

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