'Walking Dead' Season Three Promises 'A Lot More' Zombie Killing


"The Walking Dead" went on a bit of a zombie killing spree at the end of last season, with the walkers overrunning Hershel's farm and our favorite survivors heading into the great unknown to escape them. But with the introduction of The Governor, the prison and Michonne, you can bet there's going to be plenty of gory undead deaths in the show's third season as well.

AMC has released a new featurette discussing some of the special effects we saw in the past season, and it introduces us to Victor Scalise, the visual director for "The Walking Dead's" special effects department. According to him, fans are going to love what "The Walking Dead" has planned for season three.

"Unfortunately a lot of that I can't tell you just yet, but we did a lot of killing last season, and this season we're doing a lot more," he teased.

The featurette is actually really interesting, and shows how the visual effects team integrates computer-generated zombies in with the real ones. Honestly, we had assumed a lot of these CG creatures were actually actors in costume, so we were surprised to find out how many were created by people behind computers.

"As we hope with most of our work, you don't know they're computer generated," Scalise acknowledged.

Season three will likely begin airing in the fall, but we'll have your zombie fix covered when we head to San Diego Comic-Con in July.

Did you realize that some of these zombies were pure CGI? Are you excited for more zombie killing next season? Tell us in the comments section below or on Twitter!

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