'Dredd' Trailer: What's Your Verdict?

Judge, jury and executioner — that's all in Dredd's job description, and right now, it's in yours as well.

The first trailer for "Dredd," director Pete Travis' adaptation of the British 2000 AD icon, arrived online yesterday after months — heck, years — of seeing round after round of interviews and promo photos, but not a single eyefull of footage from the film. With two and a half minutes of "Dredd" now out there in all of its Slo-Mo glory, fans have a much better idea of what they can expect from the upcoming flick. Is this the "Dredd" you've always wanted to see? Or does it look like another Sylvester Stallone level disaster? Perhaps the answer is somewhere in between?

It's your turn: tell us what you thought of the "Dredd" trailer in the poll below!

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