Edward James Olmos Goes Bad For '2 Guns'

Casting Edward James Olmos is always a good idea. (So say we all.) So casting him in "2 Guns," the upcoming adaptation of the Boom Studios comic book—as the villain, no less—is probably something we're all going to agree upon as a very, very good idea.

Variety has the news that the erstwhile Admiral William Adama is joining the cast of "2 Guns" as one of the film's central villains. He'll play Papi Greco, "a dangerous Mexican druglord who runs up against" the movie's heroes played by Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington.

Those heroes have gotten themselves in quite a bit of a pickle, too. Wahlberg and Washington play two undercover agents, neither of them knowing about the other's status as a secret government operative. When they're both tasked with fulfilling a massive heist, their true loyalties come to light amidst a series of double-crosses and betrayals, forcing them to work together.

Olmos, Washington and Wahlberg are joined in "2 Guns" by the previously cast Paula Patton as a DEA agent (and Washington's potential love interest) and Bill Paxton, who joined the ensemble last week as a high-ranking CIA agent. "Contraband" director Baltasar Kormakur is behind the lens on this one.

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