'Smallville' Writers Always Tried To Introduce Batman, Bryan Q. Miller Says

Batman is coming to "Smallville." Fans have waited many, many years to hear those words, and though it's taken a while, it's finally happening — albeit in comic book form.

The Dark Knight makes his "Smallville" debut in the upcoming "Detective" arc of the digital-first "Season 11," but according to writer Bryan Q. Miller, he almost appeared much earlier than that… on television, in fact, if he and his fellow "Smallville" writers had gotten their way.

"I don't think we actually ever got down the road with what the story would be, but at the beginning of each season -- especially in the latter years, after DC Entertainment formed -- there was always that hope that it would happen," he told CBR News in a recent interview. "'Maybe we'll get to do Batman this year.' And then inevitably, it was like, 'No, sorry. No Batman this year."

"We'd have that with certain characters every now and again," he added. "We'd ask if we could do something with a character but he or she would be tied up with a feature or something else. A lot of ducks had to get in order for that to happen."

Miller added that if Batman had been allowed to appear on the "Smallville" television series, his story likely would have been very different from what readers will see in the upcoming "Detective" arc.

"The four-part story 'Detective' that we're doing is an action movie, essentially," he explained. "It's 'Lethal Weapon,' it's 'Bad Boys,' it's a buddy cop movie with Bruce and Clark as they go through the adventure. And it gets exponentially bigger and bigger and bigger as we go along through the four issues. So again, from that standpoint, no, we could not have come close to telling this story on 'Smallville.'"

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