Joker Returns With New Action Figures In Tights!


"The Dark Knight Rises" won't have any mention of Joker, if Christopher Nolan is to be believed. But that doesn't mean the Clown Prince of Crime won't be back in the near future — and wait till you see all of his wonderful new toys!

Find out more about two new Joker action figures hitting stores soon in today's Tights!

» The good folks at Hot Toys like you. They really, really like you, as you can tell by the fact that a brand new Heath Ledger Joker action figure is on the way. [Toy News International]

» But wait! That's not all! There's also a brand new black-and-white "Arkham Asylum" Joker action figure coming your way from Play Arts! [Super Punch]

» Swing into action as Stan Lee in the "Amazing Spider-Man" video game! [MTV Multiplayer]

» Have you watched the "Dredd" trailer yet? Check it out again, this time paying attention to five key scenes from the spot. [MTV News]

» Which film released so far in 2012 has the highest volume of mistakes? It's not "Prometheus," despite what popular opinion would have you believe, but something considerably mightier. [/Film via CBM]

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