Kat Dennings 'Can't Talk' About 'Thor 2' Return

With new actors flocking to "Thor 2" left and right, we're still waiting to find out which of our old favorites are going to be returning for the upcoming Marvel movie. Chief among them is Kat Dennings, who played the sidekick to Natalie Portman's Jane in "Thor."

Dennings' Darcy Lewis was never a necessary character, but she certainly was a fun one. She grounded "Thor" in a way that might have been lost had anyone but Dennings played the part, and she offered some great comedic relief when it came to discussing how bizarre Thor's story could get. But with "Thor 2" taking place in worlds beyond Asgard and Earth, it's unclear if Marvel will bring back Darcy for another go.

Well, at long last, Dennings knows her Marvel character's fate. Find out what she had to say in an interview with a Blip GoldDerby-conducted web show after the jump.

"I do know the answer to that," Dennings told the site. "[However] I do not have the clearance to talk... interpret that as you will. ... I've asked when I can say things, but apparently I can't yet, so that will come soon."

If Dennings wasn't going to be back for more and she knew it, wouldn't she just flat out deny it? Maybe not, but her comment makes it seem like things are boding well for her triumphant return. And maybe her character will have changed a bit since we last saw her in "Thor." Who knows, she could even end up playing the Enchantress! We don't really care what form Dennings will take in the upcoming movie as long as we are privy to more adorkable interactions between her and Portman.

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