David Slade Debunks Josh Hartnett 'Daredevil' Rumors

Put your bad memories of "Pearl Harbor" aside for a second and look at the rest of the guy's career, and you'll see what I see: Josh Hartnett is a fearless actor — but that doesn't mean he's the Man Without Fear.

Rumors stemming from "Daredevil" director David Slade's Twitter account yesterday suggested that the filmmaker was eyeing his "30 Days of Night" star for the lead role of Matt Murdock in his upcoming Fox reboot. But Slade has now openly shot down those rumors, effectively ending speculation that Hartnett will be the one blindly battling his way through Hell's Kitchen.

"Josh Hartnet is not being discussed or anyone else for DD," Slade wrote on Twitter, referencing an earlier tweet of his that suggested otherwise. "That was just some wishful thinking, we are not at casting stage."

But even if Hartnett isn't involved in "Daredevil" — not yet, at least — Slade has only kind words to say about the young actor. "I had the pleasure of working with Josh on 30 Days," he wrote in a follow-up tweet. "An excellent and under rated actor and a wonderful human being."

While Slade was in the "Daredevil" rumor-squashing spirit, he also targeted talk that the movie would be aiming for a 3-D release.

"I am firmly against shooting in stereo so its unlikely to happen that way," wrote Slade. "Fox is rightly against 2D to 3D conversions."

If Hartnett isn't the right man to play Daredevil, who is? Chime in with your casting suggestions in the comments below or on Twitter!