Top Five Superhero Movie Dads For Father's Day

Big Daddy

By Ryan Rigley

It's that time of year again! Fathers everywhere be praised, your day is nigh. We here at MTV News love our dads, almost as much as we love superhero movies! Which is why we've decided to compile a list of the top five superhero movie dads in honor of this weekend's Father's Day celebration!

These five fictional fathers have acted as inspirational figures and mentors to some of our favorite superheroes. Whether it's teaching them how to properly shoot a gun or instilling in them a great sense of responsibility, there's no doubt that these dads have played very important roles in the lives of those that protect the innocent from evil's might. Click past the jump for more father-y goodness!

» 5. Damon Macready (Big Daddy)

Big DaddyIn order to avenge the death of his wife, Damon Macready devoted himself to fighting a war on organized crime. As Big Daddy, Damon will do whatever it takes to end Frank D'Amico's reign of terror. He's even willing to turn his 11 year old daughter into the ultimate killing machine. Damon makes this list because of the extensive training that he's instilled in Hit-Girl, making her one of the most kick-ass new superheroes of this past decade. Also, because he calls himself "Big Daddy."

» 4. General Thunderbolt Ross

RossThe fact that General Ross is one of the Hulk's greatest enemies doesn't necessarily make him a bad father. On the contrary, one could argue that his disdain for the not-so-jolly green giant stems from the relationship between Bruce Banner and his daughter. Which would mean that General Ross only wants to defeat the Hulk before he does any real harm to Betty. Any father willing to lead the entirety of our nation's armed forces against his daughter's ex-boyfriend is a good father in our book!

» 3. Howard Stark

Howard StarkIt takes a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist to make a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist! Not only is Howard Stark the father of Tony Stark, but he was also one of primary scientists behind the Super Soldier Project making him a pseudo-father to Captain America as well. If being directly responsible for two of Earth's mightiest heroes doesn't make a father proud, than we don't think anything will.

» 2. Uncle Ben

Uncle BenGranted, he isn't technically a father, but Uncle Ben is certainly the greatest father figure in comic book history. His "great power, great responsibility" speech has resonated with Peter Parker for over four decades now! Plus, if it weren't for Uncle Ben, Spider-Man would not be half the hero that he is today. But because he learned such a valuable lesson from Uncle Ben, Spider-Man is still one of the most selfless and caring superheroes ever.

» 1. Odin

OdinThere's a reason he's called the All-Father. Odin, King of the Aesir and father to the whole of creation, is responsible for all life on Earth and Asgard. His most famous son, Thor, is the God of Thunder and protector of the Nine Realms. That's a lot of responsibility for one Asgardian! Odin may appear to be strict and stubborn on the outside, but on the inside he's just as loving as any other father. He's proud of Thor and he doesn't care who knows it! Not Loki though. He's a jerk.

Who is your favorite comic book dad? Let us know in the comments below and on Twitter!