'Dark Knight Rises' TV Spot Features 'Batman Begins' Call-Back


Back when no one involved with "The Dark Knight Rises" could really talk about what Christopher Nolan was cooking up for his big finale, most people just praised the movie for bringing everything full-circle and proving that this is a true trilogy.

The latest TV spot for the third Nolan Batman movie plays that element up with some pretty enjoyable call-backs to jokes made in "Batman Begins." It also makes us realize how much we missed the good Lucius Fox-Bruce Wayne banter in "The Dark Knight."

Click after the jump to see if it comes in black!

It does!

The new preview features a few unseen pieces of footage including a meeting between Gordon and John Blake and Wayne begging Fox to get him back in the game. This leads Fox to coyly introduce Wayne to his latest toy, The Bat, which comes in black.

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