John Lasseter Would Be 'Really Open' To Marvel/Pixar Crossovers

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We've already jokingly explored what a crossover between a Marvel and a Disney movie would look like, but what about between Marvel and Pixar? The two Disney subsidiaries are both filmmaking titans in their own ways, and we're sort of dying to see the two of them collaborate in the future.

Fortunately, we aren't the only ones who feel that way. Our peers over at Collider recently had the chance to sit down with Pixar Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter while he was promoting the studio's upcoming flick "Brave." The conversation eventually turned to working with Marvel on a future project, and Lasseter didn’t shoot down the idea.

“Well, I can’t say anything about that because Marvel just got—[they’ve] been a couple years as part of the Disney company, we’ve been six years as part of the Disney company. And at Pixar, we stay focused on making original films," he hedged. "Even our sequels are kind of created internally and we come up with ideas [on our own]. I’m also leading the Walt Disney Animation Studio and all of that. These studios are filmmaker driven studios, so if a filmmaker comes to me and says, ‘Hey, I wanna do this,’ then I would be really open to it.”

It sounds like what he's saying is that Pixar wouldn't want to make a Marvel movie just for the sake of itself. If one of Pixar's filmmakers—like Andrew Stanton or Brad Bird or even Lasseter himself—came up with an idea that lent itself to a crossover between the two studios, then it seems like there's a chance it could happen. It likely will occur later rather that sooner, but we'd be lying if we said we weren't geeking out about the opportunity to see a Marvel movie made by Pixar. Who knows, maybe a few Avengers could slip into "The Incredibles 2" if that ever gets off the ground.

Image Credit: Victor Hugo

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