Wolverine Gets 'Freaky' On 'Ultimate Spider-Man'

He's the best there is at what he does… and what he does is spin webs and crack wise!

If that doesn't sound right, that's because it shouldn't. Wolverine's trademark line might be coming out of Spider-Man's mouth in the very near future all the same, however, as the two superheroes are set to swap bodies in this Sunday's upcoming episode of "Ultimate Spider-Man," the animated series that was just renewed for a second season.

"For this one, we were talking about stuff that happened in the comic that would make a good episode, regardless of the differences between the show and the comic. I forget who first brought it up, but someone thought we could do something with Wolverine, and asked what we did with Wolverine in the comic, and I was like, 'Funny you should mention that,'" said Brian Michael Bendis, who wrote the episode, "Freaky," in an interview with MTV Geek. "Because it is one of the most dumb things I’ve ever done, which was to have Spider-Man and Wolverine switch bodies."

"I told them the story behind it, which was it was actually pitched to me by Editor Nick Lowe, he had this idea, and I told him that I wasn’t going to ever tell anybody that he came up with this idea, because I was worried he’d get fired for it," he added. "And then like three hours later, all I could think of was jokes - how funny it would be if Wolverine and Spider-Man switched bodies. And then I said, 'Argh, now I have to do it.' I was doubly mad at him."

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