Jessica Chastain Hopes For Marvel Future After Missing Out On 'Iron Man'

Jessica Chastain wants to make hers Marvel. The Oscar-nominated actress was very nearly cast in Shane Black's "Iron Man 3," but wasn't able to make it work due to scheduling issues. But that doesn't mean she's finished with the House of Ideas — far from it, in fact.

"I hope to be in a Marvel film," Chastain told Total Film (via Comic Book Movie) about her Marvel aspirations. "Of course I went to see ['The Avengers'] earlier and I loved it."

We certainly hope to see her in a Marvel film, too. In fact, we've already suggested a possible "Thor 2" role for Chastain if she just so happens to be reading this!

As for missing out on "Iron Man 3," Chastain lamented the missed opportunity but was also happy to look on the brighter side of the situation.

"It's always a good problem to have because it means you have options," she said. "It's not really a problem, but it was just impossible, schedule-wise. So I was sad. I met Shane Black earlier and I think he's going to make an amazing film."

Shane Black's "Iron Man 3" soars into theaters on May 3, 2013.

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