'Dark Knight' Fan Poster Assembles Batman's Foes

Christopher Nolan has made excellent decisions regarding his Batman villains, not just in terms of who he selects and who he hires to play the baddies, but in how he's played out their stories. Some villains don't make it out of the proceedings alive — bye-bye Ra's, bye-bye Dent — while others, most especially Scarecrow, are still lurking about in the background of Gotham City.

All of which is to say that the "Dark Knight" trilogy has featured fantastic foils for Christian Bale's Caped Crusader, making the fan poster you'll see in today's edition of Tights all the more awesome. Take a peek at that and a whole lot more past the jump.

» The aforementioned "Dark Knight" trilogy fan poster puts all of the Nolan-Batman villains together in one terrifying shot. [messenjahmatt via Comic Book Movie]

» In other, considerably lighter fan art, here's Captain America doing his darndest to figure out the tricks behind modern-day technology. [Avengers Stuff via Fail Blog]

» Not comic book related, but still awesome: Carl from "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" gets his Dothraki on. [All Leather Must Be Boiled]

» Hey, mutants have to pee, too! [X-Men Movies Facebook]

» Batman is very good at a lot of things. Preserving his secret identity, it seems, is not one of them. [College Humor]

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