Green Goblin, Electro Are Among Andrew Garfield's Favorite 'Spider-Man' Villains

Few characters in comic books have a greater assortment of nemeses than Spider-Man. We've already seen many of Spidey's most classic foes on the big screen: Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Sandman, Venom and, soon, The Lizard.

Two of those five baddies are among "Amazing Spider-Man" star Andrew Garfield's favorite villains, according to the actor — the former two, in fact.

"I really like the [Green] Goblin, obviously, and I love Doc Ock," he told MTV News at the recent "Spider-Man" press junket. "I think I like Doc Ock especially because of what Alfred Molina did [with the character in 'Spider-Man 2']. I don't know; he made that so memorable and kind of profound, somehow."

Also on Garfield's list of favorite Spidey bad guys: Electro. "He's one of the ones I'm very into," the actor said. Perhaps that bodes well for the eventual inclusion of Max Dillon in a future "Spider-Man" movie? Though with so many other costumed criminals to choose from—Vulture, Rhino, Chameleon—it's nearly impossible to guess who will come next.

But if MTV's Josh Horowitz were put in charge of the "Spider-Man" sequel, it would be Kraven the Hunter in the bad guy seat. Garfield, it seems, isn't quite as enthusiastic about that choice.

"Oh man. Kraven, that campy lion hunter," he laughed when Horowitz mentioned the villain at the junket, before admitting, "I like Kraven. I like Kraven a lot."

Who are your favorite "Spider-Man" villains? Who do you hope to see face off against the wallcrawler in the next "Amazing" movie? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter!