'Dark Knight Rises' Smart Phone Game Trailer Hits

The Dark Knight will soon be rising on a smartphone near you.

IGN got their hands on a teaser trailer for an upcoming "The Dark Knight Rises" iPhone and Android game. It's only a brief glimpse of the upcoming title, but it seems like much of the "Dark Knight Rises" handheld game will be oriented around beating up some of Gotham's slimiest criminals.

"When Gotham is threatened and people live in fear, only one hope remains," the tagline for the game reads.

The open-world game comes from Gameloft, and is the only tie-in title that we've heard of for "The Dark Knight Rises." Hopefully it has more of a connection to the movie than just exploring Gotham City's underbelly. We'd love it if we got to team up with Catwoman at some point, or if the game ends with a face-off against Bane.

But we understand why Gameloft doesn't want to reveal more information about the game than what's shown in this short teaser. Even though we know the basic premise of "The Dark Knight Rises," the film is shrouded in mystery. If the game ties into the plot more than what we've seen in this preview, then revealing too much could spoil fans of the upcoming Christopher Nolan movie.

No release date is set for the mobile device game, but our guess is that it will launch around the same time as when "The Dark Knight Rises" hits theaters on July 20.

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