'Spider-Man' Sequel Writer Praises 'Amazing' Stars

"The Amazing Spider-Man" isn't even in theaters yet and already there's a sequel in the works, with a 2014 release date and screenwriters attached to boot. Those two writers are familiar names on the geek beat: Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, who've lent their talents to such films as "Star Trek," "Cowboys & Aliens" and more.

Though it's early days yet, Kurtzman has already started talking a bit about his vision for the second film in the rebooted "Spider-Man" franchise. No details on villains or where Peter's journey is headed next, I'm afraid—again, the first movie isn't even out yet, so give it some time—but Kurtzman did speak to how "Amazing" will shape the future of the Spidey film franchise in a new interview with Movies.com.

"We’re in the middle of writing the next one. We’re having an absolute ball," he said. "But it’s all because of the amazing work everybody did in the first movie."

"Andrew nailed it 1,000 percent. And so did Emma," he continued, praising the two "Amazing" leads. "Their relationship on screen is so electric. The first time I saw the movie, as a real testament to this movie, you want to watch it just as much – if not more – when Spider-Man isn’t on screen because the two of them are so magnetic."

As for what attracted Kurtzman and Orci to the "Spider-Man" franchise, the writer praised the upcoming movie's success in grounding the Spidey story in reality.

"I think both Bob and I responded to that instantly," he said. "It’s immediately apparent in frame one of that movie that that’s what they’re doing. And I think they love that, because it immediately raises all sorts of questions about, 'How do you exist as a superhero in the real world?' That felt really exciting to us."

Are you excited for the "Spider-Man" sequel, or are you waiting for "Amazing" to hit theaters first before forming an opinion? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter!