'Walking Dead' Season Three: AMC Answers The Merle Question

Merle Dixon

Season three of "The Walking Dead" promises the debut of many new faces and the return of some old ones. Case in point: Merle Dixon, the racist ex-con brother of Daryl who was last seen alive in season one, handcuffed to a rooftop with a pack of flesh-hungry walkers headed his way. The only trace of him since then has been his severed hand as recovered by Daryl and Rick Grimes; later, in season two, Daryl was terrorized by a hallucination of Merle, but that's far from concrete proof of his continued survival.

But now AMC has officially answered whether or not Merle Dixon is still alive. Check out the photo below for definitive, spoiler-filled proof one way or the other.

So there you have it: Merle's back! Earlier in the week we showed you a set photo that showed off Merle's brand new hand, a sharp object that should come in might handy against the hordes of undead. In the officially released photo from AMC, Merle's new limb lacks that same ferocity, but one imagines he has a few options for zombie-killing add-ons when the time calls for it.

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