How 'Avengers' Almost Met 'Spider-Man' In Tights

Remember all those "Spider-Man has a cameo in 'Avengers'" rumors from a few months back? They never panned out, as the countless number of you who've seen Marvel's mightiest superhero flick already know by now. But it turns out there was some truth to the rumors of the Spidey and Avengers universes crossing over.

Find out what we mean in today's edition of Tights past the break!

» Latino Review reports that the Oscorp Building that exists in "The Amazing Spider-Man" very nearly had a role to play in "Marvel's The Avengers." Producers Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach reportedly admitted that the crossover was close to happening, but fell through due to timing issues. Certainly gives some hope to those of us crossing our fingers for an eventual Spidey appearance in an "Avengers" movie, right? Get more details over here.

» On the opposite side of "Avengers" is "Justice League," DC Comics' massive collection of superheroes. Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are figuring out exactly how to get to the big screen together right now, but ahead of that, why not feast your eyes upon what a CGI "Justice League" movie could look like in the hands of artist Daniel Araya? [via io9]

» Speaking of "Justice League," MTV Geek's Alex Zalben has some ideas for how such a movie could work... and it's a pretty damn ambitious proposal.

» Back in the Marvel movie universe, here's Gwyneth Paltrow getting friendly with Robert Downey Jr. on the "Iron Man 3" set.

» The controversial "Before Watchmen" continues today with the first "Silk Spectre" story, and here are some of the creators speaking with MTV Geek about their work on the series.

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